Hello and welcome to Remedial Massage Therapy.

I am Genevieve James and I have been working in the field of Massage, in particular Remedial Massage since 1999. I started studying and working as a student in June of 1999, studying a Diploma of Remedial Massage at Albany Tafe College in Western Australia.

I believe we should never stop learning so ongoing study is important to me, I am always studying to improve my knowledge of massage treatments in order to enhance the treatments I offer today.

In the Remedial Massage Therapy room, every client is different, so I like to listen to your story and treat you according to your particular needs.
Your body is important to you and I treat you, with your permission, to affect the best possible outcome.

Along with Lymphatic Drainage, Healing Touch, Rehabilitation, Exercise and Stretching advice to encourage healing; I offer different complimentary services to aid in healing and recovery such as, Cupping, Dry Needling and Therapeutic Ultrasound.

I also encourage a regular 4 to 6 weekly maintenance massage rather than a 'fix me up' massage every time an injury occurs, through over worked and tired muscles, but understand that this type of massage is not always possible.


Along with Remedial Massage I also offer a Healing Touch treatment
which is a gentle, biofield (energy field) therapy that often facilitates a deep sense of calm and relaxation in the body-mind-spirit.
The treatment is typically administered while the client lies on a massage table with their clothes on. With your permission, the practitioner uses his/her hands to assess your biofield and proceeds to clear and balance it as needed using either off body touch (near body but no direct contact) or a gentle (still) touch over various areas of the body.
On occasion, one may experience an acceleration of the healing process and his/her symptoms may intensify for a brief time. When this happens, the recovery period of the illness is usually reduced.


 At Remedial Massage Therapy, I am fully aware that some clients cannot come for a treatment within regular office hours. Because of this I am prepared to work after hours to accommodate those who can't make in during the day.
Remedial Massage Therapy also works By Appointment only so it is important to organize your appointment in advance.

Regular Hours:  Monday - Friday from 9.30am
After hours:       By Appointment at your earliest convenience
Saturday Morning: By special arrangement only


  • Initial Appointment:  1 hr - $90
  • Monthly Appoint:       1 hr - $80   
  • 40 min Appoint:     40min - $65
  • 1/2 hr Appoint:       30min - $50


Private Health cover receipts for most Health Funds are available.